Apple's iPhone plant in India to expand as increases its demand from Tata Group

Apple's iPhone plant in India to expand as increases its demand from Tata Group
Apple plans to increase its iPhone production in India over the next few years. It aims to expand its current setup to demonstrate its focus and ambitions in the country. According to reports, the Tata Group-run iPhone plant will be expanded within the next 18 months, which will enable the manufacturer to double its capacity to produce iPhones for the Indian market.
Apple is reportedly considering Tata Group as a potential partner to enhance its production and increase the number of iPhones manufactured. This expansion could lead to the employment of up to 28,000 new workers in the coming years. According to the report, Apple is exploring areas near its existing plant to expand its operations.
It is interesting to see Apple put its faith in the Tata Group for making iPhones, which will now also be increasing its shipment to the main vendors like Wistron and Foxconn where the fully-built iPhones are packed and sent to the market. Tata Group had bought the plant from Wistron in India, giving the conglomerate the chance to enter the smartphone manufacturing sector.
There has been a significant increase in Apple's focus on India in recent years. The company aims to reduce its dependence on China for iPhone production due to various reasons. According to industry reports, Apple plans to increase its production in India further by including MacBooks and iPads in the next few years. Additionally, Apple has taken advantage of this opportunity to establish its first exclusive retail stores in Delhi and Mumbai.
More stores are in the offing, but the make-in-India expansion for iPhones has a direct impact on how they are priced for consumers in the country. The latest iPhone 15 model is made in the country which helps Apple keep the prices at a more manageable level without having to pay heavy duties on imports.