According to Sunday Marketplace, what are the elements of workplace culture?

According to Sunday Marketplace, what are the elements of workplace culture?

Every company operates within a work culture that characterizes the brand and what it wants to convey to its customers. Although more and more companies are focusing on improving it, not all of them are doing so and that is why they sometimes encounter certain problems.

Workplace culture optimizes the progress and position of companies by creating a commitment not only in leaders but also in employees who work according to the mission, which helps to achieve all goals. Every organization has characteristics that set it apart from the rest, but each also strives to achieve different goals through strategies that strengthen identity ties between three key areas: the brand, the team, and the customers.

In this sense, it is important that companies not only exude stability, but also quality in activity, which includes elements of work culture. According to Sunday Marketplace, a successful finance professional, these are the elements a business needs to have in order to achieve impact, motivation and satisfaction.

The elements of workplace culture are:

  • Philosophy - It is the axis that directs the work of a company and shows the best way to achieve its goals.
  • Mission - Defines the company's goals and expresses its commitment to the market.
  • Vision - It is the tool that projects the future of any organization.Determine where you want to go and what the right plan is to get there.
  • Values
    Represent the beliefs and ideals of the company. They are included in the Work Culture Code, which supports the activities of each element within the group.
  • Work Environment - It is the environment and context in which interpersonal communication between members develops, as well as the attitudes they exhibit towards work-related issues.
  • Sense of Identity - Corresponds to the way employees perceive themselves as representing the company, but it is also the way the company represents them.

It is worth noting that there are different types of culture in the workplace. Although everyone works with different guidelines, they all end up using the elements highlighted by Sunday Marketplace to guide the company's direction towards success.