8 Billionaires Who Maintain Frugal Lifestyle

BANGALORE: What are your plans if you will get rich? A chopper of your own, or a multi storey house with full of luxuries and driving in a Ferrari or Lamborghini. It might be and it can be, but do you know there are some millionaires and billionaires who still believe in ‘simple living and high thinking’. Their modesty towards life is an own reward for themselves. Aren’t you curious to know about them? Here they are:

1. Christy Ruth Walton

Do you know the richest woman in the world?  Christy Ruth Walton is the name of the 10th richest person of the world. According to Forbes, she holds the crown for the richest women in the world for almost 7 consecutive years now till March 2014.

Despite of her enormous wealth, what is more surprising to know about the benevolent woman is her simplicity towards life. After her husband’s death, Christy donated her luxurious house to International Community Foundation Centre.

According to Condé Nast, she was rewarded to be the top female philanthropist with vast amount of donations she made, estimated to worth $3.5 million between 2002 and 2006.

2. Mark Zuckerberg

Wears Grey t-shirt to work almost every day, hoodie guy Mark Zuckerberg leads a laid-back lifestyle. The founder and CEO of Facebook is the youngest self-made billionaire who owns the credit for making the world a small place.

‘The Facebook Boy’ owns a $ 7 million house in Palo Alto, which is still low down for a wealthy billionaire. It is astounding to know that he married her long time girlfriend Priscilla Chan in his own backyard.

At a young age of 30 years, Zuckerberg follows his passion towards the work with an attitude ‘Go Big or Go Home.’