6 Most Popular Indian Ads

2. Coca-Cola

Tagline: Thanda matlab Coca-Cola

After AAmir Khan became the brand ambassador of Coca-Cola, India, almost all the commercial ads of Coca-Cola reached to the maximum heights of success.

Every time, Aamir Khan came up with a new ad, he was gaining more and more love from the audiances.

In one of the ads, he portrayed the role of a road-side guy. On asking a ‘thanda’, he was offered with soft drinks from some other brand. Khan delivers a few punch lines during his conversation with the tea-stall guy. All the punch lines were very much accepted by the entire audiance.

The success of this ad got followed by a series of ads featuring Aamir Khan as a Punjabi farmer, a Nepali Tourist Guide, Bengali family person and many more.

In the ad where he played a Punjabi farmer, his punchline was ‘ganney de kheyt veech tomator kittho?’ (How come tomatoes in a sugarcane field?).

After Coke came with 200 ml bottles, Aamir khan again appeared as a small town businessman where he provokes a local shop owner with the number ‘5’. This ad also ran for a pretty longer period of time was very popular.

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