12 Self-Made Teen Millionaires

Bangalore: It all began with that idea- the one sparked by innovation, entrepreneurial bravery and a hard-working determination to bring something better and useful to the world. The same idea drove these youngsters away from their regular teenage life and towards a million-dollar success. These prodigies are the living examples of the fact that anything is possible in today’s technologically advanced world. If you have an idea, put it out there to the world through smart marketing strategies and an un-shattering vision for success and you are most likely to join the ranks of these young millionaires.
So who are these teenage marvels? Read on for more…

#12 Juliette Brindak
Biz: Miss O and Friends website and books.
Net-worth: $15 Million
At the age of 10, unlike other girls whose interest surrounds Barbie dolls and tea-parties; Juliette Brindak began setting up a website to interact with her friends and by the time she was 16, with the help of her parents who are into web designing and business entrepreneurships themselves, Juliette launched her website, ‘Miss O And Friends’ and today it’s a popular destination for girls to hangout and gossip, get their articles published, participate in quizzes and contests, get tickets for pop concerts and also discuss teenage related issues and receive help from their peers. In 2011, Inc. Magazine ranked this website as the third largest girl-only website. Juliette, who is now 23, has been listed by Self-Made Magazine among the “Top 50 Women Who Inspire Us”.