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Wiki Pleads for Funds for Philanthropy
Eureka Bharali
Wednesday, December 31, 2008
Wikipedia’s philanthropy might have turned failanthropy, with the founder Jimmy Wales going around pleading for contributions to the site.

However, Wales implores the users, who barge into the website making it one of the top five most visited sites, through the words ‘Wikipedia is there when you need it - now it needs you’. Moreover, to add more effect to this innovative bailout process, a short request is found on the header of random pages which briefs on the use of the donated funds from their utilization to the tax benefits that the donors get, thus luring the users to use the opportunity to donate as a tax-cut option.

In fact, as a quencher to the many questions on the website’s sudden cash flow initiative, Wales’ short request letter pinpoints that the contributions will help cover the increasing costs of managing the global traffic. It will also be a redeemer of the six million dollar budget of Wikipedia, which has a 25 people staff to manage more than 11 million articles in 265 languages, for the next fiscal. So, the founder is currently inclined to ensure that the website runs on the free reference track without bending towards revenues from advertisements.

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