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Saheer Karimbayil
Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Memorize it with DataTraveler 110

Expanding its line of USB Flash drives, memory products manufacturer Kingston Technology has introduced DataTraveler 110 (DT110).

Available in capacities up to 8GB, the sleek memory device features a cap-less, retractable USB connector for ease-of-use and safe housing. The DT110 is available in different colors according to capacity - purple for1GB, blue for 2GB, red for 4GB, and green for 8GB. Compatible with almost all operating systems the device is supported by a five-year warranty. Pricing varies according to capacities - 1GB: Rs. 625, 2GB: Rs. 925, 4GB: Rs. 1595, and 8GB: Rs. 3425.

Elecom Digital Camera Case

A new brand of digital camera case - Elecom Zeroshock - has entered the Indian market. This waterproof case comes with a built-in belt loop and a handy neck strap for easy portability and a convenient inner pocket to store accessories like memory chips. Made up of low-resilience polyurethane, the case offers effective protection against impacts and external pressure. Due to the built-in metal wire frame, the case ensures protection of your digital camera from all angles against bumps and even twists. Available with the India Digital Life Style Distributors, the price of the camera case varies according to the size – Rs. 549 to Rs. 599.

Gigabyte United launches energy efficient motherboards

Gigabyte United has launched Dynamic Energy Saver motherboards that deliver CPU power savings up to 70 percent by a click on the Energy Saver button.

The multi-gear power phase design of the device efficiently regulates the power phases in CPU, depending on the workload, and thus prevents the unnecessary consumption of power. It also allows the CPU to maintain up to 20 percent improved power efficiency. The users can adjust the CPU voltage according to power saving needs. It also displays how much power users have saved in a time period, using a Meter Mode.

Lenovo launches IdeaPad Y710

Lenovo has come out with a new range of notebooks and desktops, under the name ‘Idea’. The IdeaPad notebook and IdeaCentre desktop ranges feature frameless screens, touch-sensitive control surfaces, and unique textures along with cutting edge technologies such as face recognition, Dolby Home Theater, and dedicated gaming controls. Equipped with Intel Centrino processor technology, ATI graphics, WLAN connectivity, and five speakers including a subwoofer, the IdeaPad notebook has a hot-swap with two hard drives to easily store and transfer data. Available at all Lenovo authorized storefronts from April this year, the prices of these notebooks and desktops start from Rs. 42,000 and Rs. 23,050 respectively.
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