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siTech20 2015
SI Team
Monday, July 20, 2015
There is a continuous rise in Indian founded
tech companies in the U.S. These companies
have received accolades for their successful
efforts in leveraging new technologies for
strengthening the economy. Indian-Americans not only have a major impact on startups, but also on the overall business climate in the U.S. These companies are not only expanding in terms of business, but also collectively generating employment opportunities
for people in the country. From providing solutions to consulting, these companies have shown massive investments in R&D, creating significant buzz in the CIO circles and also moving ahead in the market. With an aim to be of assistance in locating such companies, siliconindia presents siTech 2015, a list of
20 Most Promising Technology Companies founded by Indians in the U.S, involved in addressing the current enterprises needs and which have the potential to be or are already market leaders. A distinguished panel comprising of expert Indian CEOs of public
firms, VCs, CXOs, analysts, and siliconindia editorial board have selected these companies, which we believe will prove to be the best choice specific to your
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