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Raise More Funds than Your Business Calls
Sarath Naru
Managing Partner-Ventureast
Saturday, April 5, 2014
Ventureast is one of India's longest-standing venture capital institutions and has enabled over 80 seed, early and growth stage businesses in a broad array of sectors including technology, life sciences and clean environment.

Recently India emerged as a hub of software product companies with customer base gradually spreading its wings in global sphere. Building any business is not only confined in top-line and user acquisition alone, there is an increased focus on building profitable B2C businesses. Outside e-Commerce businesses, this is becoming common in food products, processed food products, and nutraceuticals to name a few where we can see increasing penetration. Another trend that is becoming evident is that the semiurban/rural consumer has become better off; as they are spending more and becoming increasingly brand conscious.

In healthcare sector too we are witnessing more single specialty healthcare services, affordable medical devices and remote health monitoring technologies. India being an agricultural country will set a healthy trend in moving towards 'green'solutions within agriculture, energy generation and distribution.

India being an agricultural country will set a healthy trend in moving towards 'green' solutions within agriculture, energy generation and distribution.

Blooming Blessings of Technologies

Technologies have touched almost all sectors. In medical science, the recent visible advancements are wearable technologies for remote health monitoring and wellness application. Within this domain the more evolved technologies are also driving clinical decisions and making use of generated data. There are also minimally invasive medical devices, a boom for medical science.
We are also looking out for big-data analytics companies with applications across various sectors. New engine technologies which are capable of running on alternative fuels will be something worth looking out for.

Innovation in Multiple Field a Boom for Emerging Startups

Mobile is the most sought after gadget and will be here as blessing for a long run, leaving room for numerous innovations for startups. For example, mobile first applications for India can be innovated by focusing on vernacular languages. Another innovation space can be for single-vertical focused platforms for online services.

Earlier, medical science could not be imagined without all those sophisticated surgical instruments which fill most of us with wrath for hospital. But advancing technology has made surgical procedure very human friendly.

Disruptive Idea is a Welcome Move

This is a great time to be an entrepreneur, as there is money available for new disruptive ideas and business models in the form of incubators, venture capital funds and private equity investors. These investors are welcoming such moves as they can see the beneficial end result of such valuable ideas for both the emerging entrepreneur and the investor. But it is equally advisable for entrepreneurs to prove their concept on a pilot scale prior to scouting for their Series A funding. Also, raising incrementally more funds than what your business plan calls for might be a good idea. (As told to Jisha Unni)

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