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February - 2015 - issue > 20 Most Promising Security Solution Provider
ISSQUARED Simplifying Virtualization and Recovery with ITIL Process Tools
SI Team
Thursday, February 5, 2015
We believe that irrespective of whether it's 19th century or the 21st, what customers want most is to be heard, remarks Bala Ramaiah, CEO of ISSQUARED. Steered by this mantra, ISSQUARED steadfastly focuses on customer satisfaction through cutting edge solution offerings. Designing and implementing solutions using enterprise class software for security and identity management, ISSQUARED is also known for integrating their solutions into their clients' existing product. This brings out the company's need to implement solutions that are unique and not force fitted.

This philosophy also gives shape to their offerings in managed networks as the company believes that network infrastructure is the base of the overall IT infrastructure pyramid. Applying a rigorous implementation of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) process approach coupled with a "four-eyes" policy on key aspects of design, and change, ISSQUARED has seen immense success. With "Service Manager"an ITIL tool, ISSQUARED helps implement processes required to mandate one set of eyes executing change and with another set of eyes validating the change. "Implementing such tools for our clients has made them more adaptable to virtualization, backup and recovery, and in turn it leverages a company like ours that offers Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)," ascertains Ramaiah.

Monitoring the entire IT infrastructure components with tools like SMARTS, Netcool and Nagios, the company provides 24x7 monitoring services. While any tool comes with the ability to detect incidents in the environment like dead devices and broken links, ISSQUARED extends these tools to reduce noise alerts, and in turn drive a more valuable feedback loop. "This helps cut down the alert to device ratios and in turn increases the efficiency and response profile of the 24x7 agents manning the monitoring consoles," states Ramaiah. Network zoning/segmentation has been another area of tremendous interest for customers and ISSQUARED, and the company helps design more secure networks for various clients.
For maximum customer benefit, the company blends latest technological advances in security with appropriate processes. Ramaiah credits customer referrals as their greatest weapon against competitors. "We enjoy a 100 percent referenceable customer base which helps us win against the multitude of traditional service vendors," reveals Ramaiah.

In one case, for a highly regarded construction company Oltmans Construction, which is headquartered in California, ISSQUARED was referred by Microsoft for Oltmans' next phase of modernization. With ISSQUARED's partnership, the client was able to successfully migrate to a fully managed and virtualized, cloud-enabled solution.
With tremendous technological progress in the cloud-based industry, organizations are constantly challenged with opting for a firm cloud strategy and roadmap. Security concerns add a critical twist to an already complex decision. In this rapidly evolving cloud enabled environment, ISSQUARED will continue to deliver relevant solutions for customers. "We foresee more customers embracing our secure IaaS offering, supported by our Service Operations Center in India," says Ramaiah. The company also has products lined up in-house in the identity and access management space which they intend to launch later this year. This will fill crucial gaps in the current day product mix and help organizations stay evergreen in regulatory compliance. At the end of it, taking after Steve Jobs and his approach, the company will continue to deliver simple yet powerful products in the near future.

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