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September - 2014 - issue > CEO Spotlight
Content Consumption taking a new Turn
Nickhil Jakatdar
Founder & CEO-Vuclip
Tuesday, September 2, 2014
Vuclip, founded in 2008, delivers the high-quality video experience on any network and on any device to established and emerging markets worldwide. The Milpitas, CA based firm has a $40 million funding from Jafco Ventures, SingTel Innov8 and New Enterprise Associates

There have been invigorating trends in content consumption and how the mobile ecosystem responded. Most of the U.S. people surveyed by Vuclip stated that they would view their favorite TV shows on their mobile if it was available. Many users do not even realize they have access to such content on their phones. Henceforth, carriers in regions like Southeast Asia and the Middle East are creating innovative ways to introduce non-data users to data. For example, Vuclip launched the entertainment store with the help of India's Airtel to offer a library of 250,000 videos at 1 rupee each. Vuclip is partnered with AIS and Telkomsel in Thailand and Indonesia and plans to expand this model to other emerging markets and countries.

Watching video on demand services such as Netflix, Hulu and Vuclip fast becoming go-to forms of entertainment for the consumers. While on the surface, it may appear easy to deliver a video on demand service by spending money to buy content and build an app, but the truth cannot be more far from that. It takes bold decisions and day-to-day execution as Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and team can attest.

Inclination to gain Trust in maintaining the Market Expectations
This year the expected shipment of smart phone devices are 1.2 billion worldwide and anticipated increased to 1.8 billion by 2018, according to IDC's predictions. This growth will enhance the quality of content and create a demand for it, make room for exciting developments and this will help to shape the industry's direction for the years to come.

"Made for mobile," data-driven content is the next big thing for the industry (as Netflix has already proved with Internet streaming). Content owners will determine what content to produce based on big data rather than the 'gut instinct' of the few creative individuals. With the increased volume of content, the entire mobile ecosystem will be impacted. The Technology companies need to continue providing consumers with a quality viewing experience at any network speed irrespective of any device. Equitable distribution of revenues among the stakeholders is required.

Challenges faced by the entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs face a myriad of challenges at any given time. Scaling proper time and style for the business, capital, funding, building sustainable streams of revenue and finding the appropriate talent- these are not simple processes, yet every entrepreneur around the world must successfully create them from scratch.
Entrepreneur needs to understand that they do not have a straightforward career path. Unexpected obstacles, and yes, failure, happens every day but it's an adventure that allows us to learn more about who we are and the companies we want to create. (As told to Kamalika roy Chowdhury)

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