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When Techies Meet
Pradeep Shankar
Thursday, June 1, 2006
Many of our readers are writing letters of appreciation for the cover on ‘Outstanding Women Achievers in IT’ [February 2006]. Last month we introduced ‘Women in IT’ column as a regular feature. This is to encourage and inspire a lot many women professionals.

A little surface scratching will tell there are good women techies in substantial numbers. But most of them draw curtains on their careers for varied familial reasons. They want a family. A husband. A healthy kid. It is said that people who share common backgrounds and similar social networks are better suited as marriage partners than people who are very different in their backgrounds and networks.

Interestingly, our cover story is an attempt to know what senior, middle and junior level married techies feel like having someone of their own ilk beside them every time. How is it to work in the same office? What are the pros and cons of such weddings? How do they manage time and money?

There is sense of career growth among the techie couples. They are directly or indirectly helping each other in career acceleration. Each one’s network has helped the other go up the career faster, stronger and safer. But if not done well, it leads to real problems one can think of in any relationship.

A Country Manager of a multinational company in Bangalore happily shares with us that two of his employees got to know each other at work and are getting married this month. It’s good for him that they are getting married. He can retain both of them, by adding to the turnover. But he is aware, if he looses, he loose both in one go!

Whether techie marriages help a company increase productivity or turnover is still not substantiated. However, for now it looks it certainly helps you grow up the career ladder.

Let us know your thoughts.

Pradeep Shankar

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