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V2Solutions Adding Value via the Web 2.0 Route
Joseph Robin Mathews
Thursday, June 26, 2008
When Vijay Shah founded V2Solutions in 2003, he probably had never heard of Web 2.0 because as a term it got popularized by the O’Reilly Media conference in 2004. However, this next generation Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur was convinced that the future revolved around reciprocity between user and technology provider. And so it was that this concept became the cornerstone of his new company.

When V2Solutions approached clients offering “skills to use application technology tools that would help them develop cost-effective solutions unique to their businesses,” they were immediately hooked on. “We’ve completed one of the fastest growth cycles of any company in this space, and we’ve focused the entire time on redefining the value proposition of a development partner,” says Vijay when asked about his success map.

“The value proposition that V2Solutions provides is in the form of an extended organization, driving for and achieving long-term successes and market strategies,” he says while quoting noted actor, author and broadcaster Stephen Fry who described Web 2.0 as an idea in people’s heads rather than a reality. At the company’s sprawling development centers in Mumbai and Bangalore and the corporate office in Silicon Valley, definitions of Web 2.0 combines Fry’s comment with that of Tim O’Reilly. “We believe Web 2.0 is a business that embraces the web as a platform and utilizes its strength to provide reciprocity between users and the providers,” is how Vijay defines the concept while pointing out that its key differentiator would be data taking over as a driving force.

The company is all set to ride the next wave on the web and has recruited the best technologists and adapted to the latest of development methodologies like extreme programming in its workflow processes. “This gives us an edge in client servicing and providing a faster go to market speed. It is no more about development alone, but quality achieved simultaneously. The world seeks quality and development as an integrated whole to be able to give off the best without losing time in the market,” he says.

The company offers an interesting milieu of services ranging from software to quality assurance and business support ranging from digital content to technical writing. It has taken the business-backward approach of custom-made solutions while focusing on long-term relationship goals instead of short-term project strategies. “This has helped us build customer trust while bringing up synergy levels to our relationships that is proving to be our key differentiator and the cornerstone to our success,” says the proud CEO about his 450-strong team based out of India and the Valley.

And he has every right to feel proud! For after having successfully ridden the e-commerce wave (Indiaplaza.com acquired by SIFY) and the search directory boom (Yellowpages.com acquired by SBC), this genial entrepreneur seems to have stuck another pot of gold. “I’ve always believed in employing a quick, fast-paced approach to anticipating, engineering, adapting and delivering solutions to meet latest technology trends,” he says with a smile when asked about the recipe for his repeated successes.

There is another more important reason for the V2Solutions team to smile. For, their clients are smiling away too! “When we needed to make a variety of things happen under tight deadlines, V2Solutions was there for us. They responded effectively each and every time and were with us from the drawing board to the launch,” says Aaron Mann, CEO of RelevantMind.com, an emerging company focused on enabling an informed buying experience for consumers. Michael Neril, CEO of Spongefish.com which provides a marketplace for knowledge, agrees wholeheartedly and reveals that his company valued Vijay’s experience so much that they got him on to the company’s Board of Advisors.

For Graspr.com, centered on becoming the Internet's preeminent video-based, social learning platform. Its technology foundation--the key for its business model--was made possible by V2. "It was a Herculean effort. They took the entire project and were instrumental in our debut on Demo.com, the world's launch pad for emerging technologies," says Graspr.com CEO Teresa Philips.

When we asked Vijay to respond to these words of praise from clients, the self effacing CEO leans forward and proffers what we believe could be yet another pot of gold!. “All three companies are not just Web 2.0 centric, but are also knowledge-based and that’s where the world is heading now and would eventually converge into mobile,” he concludes while looking out of his office windows into the distant horizon. “The real value proposition is in high-end Digital Media Content.”

Ask him more and Vijay says that knowledge management would be the next big trend “as life moves beyond data and communities begin valuing and prioritizing information and access avenues. We’ve already partnered with clients achieving this high-value knowledge and in the coming months, I see some exciting transitions.”
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