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U.S. requests India to Implement Stringent Intellectual Property Laws
SI Team
Wednesday, May 13, 2015
India is well known for its intolerable laws and regulations which are neither followed nor implemented by the Government for diligent ruling. With irregular regulation of laws India is now confronting fire for having tolerant laws towards licensed transverse across the borders. The nation, alongside neighboring China, is being censured by the US government for being amongst the most exceedingly awful countries at snuffing out fake products. The workplace of US Trade Representative Ambassador Michael Froman got this notification in the yearly Special 301 report that India and China had negligent demeanor towards protected intellectual law implementation. The U.S. State Government is very much concerned on this issue, as the illegal trafficking of goods across these two Asian countries is costing a fortune due to this unlawful activity.

In China, burglary of competitive advantages remains the worry. These burglaries happen inside and outside China's limits for the game changer of Chinese state-possessed and privately owned businesses. As per a 2013 report evaluated that Chinese IP robbery costs US organizations more than $300billion in lost fares. Since the intervention is not regulated by both the countries, U.S. has urged them to enact stringent laws to eradicate the illegal
trafficking of goods immediately. This will be protected through copyrighted works on the standards of the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works. It will ensure additional protections against signal theft, circumvention of technological protection measures, and online copyright piracy.

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