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Rubrik Garners $10M Funding for New-Age Backup
SI Team
Saturday, May 2, 2015
Data management startup Rubrik stockpiled $10 million funding for its plans to revolutionize backup. Describing the backup and recovering space as "under-innovated", the company proposes to dislodge the established approach of specialized backup software, replacing it with an integrated approach that combines web services with the rest of enterprise data management.
Rubrik's CEO describes the approach a "time machine", using web approaches, so customers can manage their backup and recovering across private and public clouds.

"For years IT has been forced to stitch together legacy pieces of infrastructure to manage data through the application lifecycle, from recovery to provisioning production replicas for DevOps," said Sinha, explaining that the Rubrik time machine will deliver "live data and seamless scale in a hybrid cloud environment."

Rubrik claims it "offers live data access for recovery and application development by fusing enterprise data management with web-scale IT, and eliminating back-up software". Once its software is installed, it claims, customers can manage data across public and private clouds in minutes.

The firm has talent from Google and Oracle. Vice president of engineering Arvind Jain is a former Google engineer who also was founding engineer at Riverbed Technology, while the architect is Soham Mazumdar, built Google's disk-based search index. The CTO, Arvind Nithrakashyap, also co-founded Oracle Exadata.

The funding comes from Lightspeed ventures, along with some angel investors John Thompson, Mark Leslie and Frank Slootman, the former CEOs of Symantec, Veritas and Data Domain respectively.

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