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Rapid Deployment Implementation Program
ST Team
Tuesday, October 31, 2006
Sanjiv Tandon, Manager HR, Finance MetricStream Inc.

At MetricStream, the process of thwarting attrition begins from day one. Termed the Rapid Deployment Implementation Program, we imbibe fresh recruits into action immediately. The idea is to keep them challenged and give them the opportunity to display their strengths early on in their careers. We link up people to onsite projects. They chalk out various customer implementation programs and conduct workshops.

This first hand experience gives the techie a lot more exposure than classroom training. They don’t get such opportunity before six months elsewhere. From the attrition point of view, the new employee feels needed and valued in the organization.

MetricStream does not have a country head in India but a leadership team that includes one representative from each technical stream. Here the company gives the employees a much larger sense of ownership in terms of managing the organization, making them responsible for every action. This involvement not only strengthens the techie’s connection with the organization and indirectly manages attrition.
We also have our own training portal for the employees—Complianceonline.org. Here we offer free training under various certification courses like ISO and FTA.

If an employee is performing below par, he is counseled for one quarter where the possible reasons for the employee’s performance are discussed and is then given one more quarter for him to improve. It’s a sure shot way to curb attrition.
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