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Managing Human Capital in the New Age
ST Team
Saturday, May 2, 2009
In a world where innovation is the keyword to successful change, Polaris Software Lab Ltd is a proven name. It is not only among the top 10 IT companies from India, but also a NASSCOM top 20 blue chip company and a recognized global leader in speciality application development for the banking, financial, insurance, and HR sectors. With its comprehensive portfolio of products, specialized outsourcing processes, and modernization services it is a leading consultant with core expertise in software application development.

Adrenalin eSystems Limited, a Polaris group company, is the creator of Adrenalin, a Human Capital Management Software. Adrenalin offers end-to-end solutions and using the power of modern IT it transform departments, mindsets, and employee productivity through its unique philosophy of alignment, which lays the foundation stone of creating a robust performance infrastructure.

The Changing firmament of HR

Adrenalin believes that if HR’s key function is to manage recruitment, training, and retention of dedicated people to support critical operations, then it cannot just be a tactical operation. The challenge lies in alignment because only when employees are aligned to the larger vision, can issues like talent management and retention be addressed. Alignment not only takes care of processes but connects employees and motivates them to work in a synchronized manner as a team that works to win. Only then is an organization successful in creating infrastructures that build performance.

Adrenalin’s HCM software helps HR leaders make a paradigm shift from being process managers to functioning as strategic business partners. Adrenalin does this by decentralizing and streamlining the decision making process; enabling resources to focus on strategic tasks, addressing employees across the organization, and providing business-critical analytics to management.

“Our focus is on improving the usage of the functionality of HR modules to its highest level. We spotted an opportunity here and decided to bet on a pure-play approach to HR,” says Ganesh Balaji, the CEO. Though ERP products like SAP and Oracle have HR modules as part of ERP, Adrenalin focuses solely on HR. “Compared to the competitors, Adrenalin is cost effective and has absolutely no implementation complexities,” emphasises Balaji.

Adrenalin built its first product on IBM Lotus and later made it available on Microsoft.Net as well with independent database platforms. To optimize performance both in document management and in generating reports, Adrenalin then integrated the Open XML Formats into its application, which is now available in the new version of Microsoft Office to make users able to interoperate with various platforms.

Some of the key modules today include Performance Management, Training and Development, e-Recruitment, HR, and Workgroup Reports and Analytics, Payroll, and Self-Service. Adrenalin extends ERP investments cost effectively, integrates seamlessly with most IT systems, reduces HR and implementation costs, and ensures one of the lowest TCO amongst comparable systems.

Adrenalin’s Customers

Adrenalin is indeed a very successful product initiative and over 300+ customers worldwide are benefiting from it.

Adrenalin has helped a number of leading businesses like Royal Sun Alliance, Olam International, Met Life, Mekong Housing Bank, Le Meridian, AXA General Life, Hindustan Unilever, CNBC–TV18, and Alcatel–Lucent plan and implement HR software projects that deliver business results.

Many of Adrenalin’s clients have chosen Adrenalin over some of the leading ERP-based HR software systems because Adrenalin fits their business requirements more appropriately, without the complexity, time, and cost associated with traditional systems.

The latest version ‘Adrenalin 2009’ has just been released, which boasts of a slew of new-age features and functionalities such as multilingual capabilities, MS Outlook integration, SMS and mobile devices support, a customizable workflow engine, and personalized lifecycle communication.
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