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Lumos Labs Striving to make a difference
si Team
Tuesday, November 3, 2009
The brain is healthiest when it is active and regularly challenged. Since its formation in the spring of 2005, California based Lumos Labs has consistently focused on researching and developing the most effective cognitive training applications. Kunal Sarkar, Michael Scanlon and David Drescher founded Lumos with a view to promote better brain health, and their first product, Lumosity.com has become the #1 online destination for cognitive training and learning games.

Lumosity.com is a general brain fitness program consisting of a series of engaging online games and exercises to puzzle the brain. The program has been developed in collaboration with leading scientists in neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and bioinformatics from Stanford, UCSF, and other leading research institutions. Independent research labs at universities and hospitals nationwide continue to collaborate with Lumos Labs to test and hone the effectiveness of the program.

Speak to any of the users and the success of Lumosity.com is clear. For instance, Alison Badrous, a user of the program says, “Lumosity’s daily training doesn’t take much time. It’s fun, and I can really see an improvement in my ability to think through and quickly understand new processes in my job.” In addition to improvements in working memory and attention, Lumosity.com users have also reported increased alertness and energy, improved ability to remember names and numbers, better concentration, and elevated mood.

The course consists of exercises that are designed to improve a particular area of cognition. Users can follow a guided 40 session complete brain fitness course, or they can take charge of the training and directly train in the areas that need the most work.

Developed on the basis of existing cognitive training research that emerges from the fields of cognitive psychology and neuroscience, Lumosity.com is a success story, which has clearly achieved what it set out for: Making a difference in the lives of people.
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