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Indians are looking for better Jobs
SI Team
Thursday, September 1, 2011
The job market in the country is coming back to its normal self, and job prospects are rising. In this scenario more than half of the country’s working population is looking for better career opportunities. According to Mercer's 'What's Working' survey, 54 percent of Indians are seriously considering to leave their jobs for better opportunities in terms of career and base pay.

The survey was conducted among more than 2,000 employees in the country, of whom 70 percent were men and 30 percent women. It was a part of a much larger survey, which was conducted in the past two quarters in 17 markets globally among 30,000 employees covering IT, ITES, pharma, manufacturing, banking and insurance sectors. 58 percent women and 53 percent men said they are looking for better opportunities. Around 66 percent of employees under the age of 24 years are seriously considering leaving their organizations, though 82 percent in this age category are satisfied with their organizations.

This seems to be a global phenomenon. U.S. is also facing a similar scenario, there one in every two employees are thinking about quitting and about 32 percent is seriously considering this in the present time. Similarly, every second Canadian employees is looking for better jobs and are mentally ‘disengaged’ from the jobs they are in. About 36 percent of them are seriously considering leaving their present jobs immediately.

Basic pay and training opportunities remains to be the main reasons why Indian employees are looking for new jobs. The study also affirms that 66 percent of Indian employees want work-life balance, while 61 percent want a flexible work schedule. 62 percent of the employees’ also said benefits provided were also important. 64 percent considered benefits as the key to decide if they should continue working in their present organization.

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