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Empowering Mobile Marketers to connect with Customers
SI Team
Friday, July 1, 2011
Founded in 2010, Santa Clara headquartered Atmio, enables mobile marketers to maximize customer engagement and optimize marketing effectiveness. With Atmio’s easy-to-use software, B2B/B2C marketers and marketing service agencies can rapidly create, customize and target dynamic, mobile landing pages to support their marketing objectives. Sunil Baliga, Co-founder & CEO, Atmio, in conversation with Silicoindia, talks about the company’s offerings, business, market opportunity and future plans.

The Technology Offering

Atmio’s software, available as a SaaS platform, is specifically engineered to be an in-house tool for marketing teams. We support all the popular mobile connection methods – Mobile Ads, QR (Quick Response) Codes, NFC (Near Field Communication) Tags, SMS Text, and Microsoft Tags - making it easy for marketers to bring dynamic mobile landing pages to consumers and customers.

There are three main components to our solution:

* Mobile landing page generator that is very easy to use.

*Campaign Manager that enables content testing, rotation and scheduling. Targeting Engine that allows precise mobile phone/operating system and tablet targeting.

* In addition, there are a range of further customization features; and analytics can be delivered through our reporting dashboard & integration with Google Analytics.

To use the Atmio page making platform, a marketer simply has to log in and start laying elements out onto a page. When he has a design that he is happy with, he can test it on a phone and then deploy. The platform ensures that pages properly render on the full range of smart phones, which further reduces development costs. Our solution works seamlessly across iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows 7 phones, and more.

Uniqueness in the space

The company’s easy-to-use software enables mobile marketers to easily and quickly create dynamic mobile landing pages without the need to deploy the IT department or to hire external programmers. The software is an in-house tool for marketing teams, creating a powerful, on-demand capability to engage with customers and maximize their user experience.

Market Positioning

Mobile marketing is witnessing a tremendous growth, with B2B and B2C marketers looking for ways to leverage this expanding channel. Hence, we at Atmio are excited about opportunities with marketing teams and marketing service agencies. From our experiences on the client side, we know just how useful an easy, yet powerful mobile landing page creator would be for in-house business teams. In addition, the various customization, scheduling and targeting features can help marketers optimize their marketing effectiveness.

Challenges in Growth

Like most startups, one of our challenges includes raising venture capital, building awareness of its offerings and customer acquisition. However, the team is pleased with the excellent customer usage feedback that it has received so far. Mobile is hot and we believe we have a hot solution!

Road Ahead

Our foremost area of focus is the marketing teams. We want marketing teams to be able to reach mobile customers how they want to, where they want to, and when they want to. Our innovation plans call for an expanding range of software tools to strengthen and expand engagement and effectiveness capabilities for mobile marketing teams. There is a need here, so this is where we prefer to focus.

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