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Digital Information to Grow 5 Times by 2012
si Team
Monday, June 1, 2009
An increased dependency on digital data over the years is witnessed. Especially with the Internet boom, more digital information is being created. In 2008, digital information grew year on year at 73 percent, which was three percent more than the predictions. The world had created 3,892,179,868,480,350,000,000 (or almost 4 sextillion) bits of new digital information in 2008.

A study conducted by International Data Corporation (IDC), a research firm showed that there was a stupendous increase in digital data created. The 2008 numbers translates to about 487 billion gigabytes of data, which is almost equivalent to more than 162 trillion digital photos or 4.8 quadrillion online bank transactions. John Gantz, Chief Research Officer, IDC said, “Contrary to popular belief, due to the market crash in late 2008, the pace of digital information created and transmitted over the Internet, phone networks and airwaves actually increased.”

The study that was sponsored by EMC Corporation also predicts that by 2012, Internet commerce will reach $13 trillion, with a major chunk coming from the sensitive business-to-business transactions. About 850 million people will then buy and sell products and services on the Internet, which will double the Internet commerce as compared to the business in 2008.

According to the study, there have been fundamental shifts in the areas of information growth, security, compliance and management. Also, the study says that there has been an increase in the number of information-generation technologies and interaction through email, social networks, messaging and so on. Mobile users are projected to grow three times, while 600 million more people are expected to become internet users. Non-traditional IT devices such as wireless meters, automobile navigation systems, industrial machines, RFID readers and intelligent sensor controllers are projected to grow 3.6 times by 2012. Though, the world is under the storm of economic slowdown, it has no affect on the amount of digital data being created, which is still growing vertically.
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