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November - 2013 - issue > Top 10 Big Data companies
DataRPM Creating a Competitive Advantage for Business
SI Team
Sunday, November 3, 2013
In today's fast-paced world, users need their data to help them make decisions quickly. It is impossible to make informed, real-time decisions based on time-consuming query processes and canned reports. Reports answer some questions, but they often raise even more. Most business users cannot realistically answer newly discovered questions meaningfully or with confidence based on canned reports. Rising to the occasion is DataRPM, which delivers the industry's first natural language and search-based Business Intelligence platform for Big Data that can be embedded into the 'Data of Everything' which includes software, streaming data systems, websites, blogs, intranets etc. either on the cloud or on premises.

"DataRPM, presently, is addressing the world of big data by making it easier for business users to quickly ask their data questions and see responses in a visual manner without the need for IT or data experts to break down the information. Tackling the challenge from this angle serves to democratize data even further - making it easy for all types of users to gain insight and develop action plans in a data-based way," says Sundeep Sanghavi, CEO, DataRPM Corporation.

Considering the market scenario and realizing the need of the hour, the company primarily focuses in making data easily available for end-users and making BI and analytics pervasive by integrating into solutions to provide easy accessibility. Being the industry's first Natural Language BI platform available either as on cloud and on-premise, the company re-defines the way business intelligence tools have been delivered previously by competitors. It also provides a self-service BI tool, eliminating the need for data scientists or IT to weigh in on the decision making process.

What gives DataRPM an edge above the others is being the industry's only natural language analytics platform powered by patent pending computational search index technology to provide single page exploratory data analysis capabilities to give businesses the ability to look at their key measures, see distribution by dimensions, slice-dice, filter, sort and search all from a single page without having to do any configuration or learn yet another software tool, by simply asking the question.

The strength of the clientele of the company lies majorly in Software companies, Information Service Providers, and Hardware companies. Avectra, TNS, MicroPact, IIA, are some of their biggest clients.

With success coming in the way in its early stages, the company's roadmap is long and bright. The company provides more modern solutions that address most pertinent business needs at a lower cost. DataRPM sees its solution being used by every enterprise that wants to enable their users with the simplest way to get to the data and replacing old worn out models that users can't use and are no longer are cost effective, scalable, or act in real-time.

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