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Corp-Corp FETCHing Jobs in spite of Swinging Pendulum of Economy
Sikta Samantaray
Monday, February 1, 2010
It was an interesting week for Sanjiv Goyal, the CEO, Droisys, his team were hunting for a right candidate for their projects. Droisys does Business Intelligence consulting to meet the growing and diverse needs of today’s enterprises. Running out of time, their team has contacted several hundreds of their network partners, but could not come across a right candidate. Then standing at the helm of the stringent deadline attached with the offered project, the team took a test drive at www.Corp-Corp.com portal and was overwhelmed by several matching candidate profiles. “Droisys got many perfect fit candidates within seconds”. Communication process with candidates were seamless, team has saved 100’s of hours, for the first time right candidates are contacted Droisys within minutes. Thrilled at the successful placements on time, Goyal exclaimed, “This works! Thanks Corp-Corp, The ROI (return on investment) is amazing, the subscription fee that we paid for the whole year has been recovered in the first placement itself”.

The Virginia, US, headquartered technology firm Corp-Corp has helped in a similar way several IT recruiters and companies to redress the job search anomalism in the industry. What differentiates www.Corp-Corp.com from other job portals is its unique FETCH technology. Through the sophisticated algorithm of its proprietary FETCH technology, Corp-Corp.com empowers companies to find and match available resources to specific roles and job requirements. FETCH results are different from typical search processes; companies can find the best resources or find opportunities for their consultants without a single resume search or a job search. It’s like an automated tool to link IT contracts and IT consultants.

Connecting the contract and consultant in less than 30 seconds with their FETCH technology, Corp-Corp’s online platform was launched in April 2007, and is the brainchild of a technology entrepreneur Prabakaran Murugaiah. He is also the CEO of the company with over 15 years of data mining experience. Boasting of its technology, Murugaiah assures, “Completely eliminating the search process, our system can save over 30 percent of recruiting time every day and that is the key in the present day market.”

The FETCH technology sets a platform where the time for searching a job is virtually zero, and there is a transition from search to FETCH jobs. Typically, if someone is looking for a job, they have to search and apply. But, in the Corp-Corp.com system, the job seekers can post their profile and the technology will do the automated search 24x7 like a virtual assistant. Whenever there is a match, it will notify the job seeker in less than 30 seconds and enable the candidate to fetch the job. Similarly, if an employer is looking for a candidate, they can post their requirement, and the system will find the best candidate, notify them and bring the response directly like a virtual recruiter, thus completely eliminating the search process on the employer’s as well as the job seeker’s side.

“Giving companies and recruiters the opportunity to get the right candidates for the right position in near realtime with an exclusive tool,” Murugaiah claims, “If the right people are reached and utilized, minimizing candidates’ time on the bench, the productivity of the IT workforce can be increased by as much as 20 percent. Besides, when client needs are fulfilled, unproductive time between projects is cut short, improving the bottomline of the company.” He adds that, as an illustration, if a company with an employee base of 10 can increase its productivity by 10 percent, it results in an increase of at least $100,000 in its revenue in a year.

The technologically advanced FETCH software of the company covets prominence in the $200 billion IT consulting and contracting business, according to the Q3-2009 report of Corp-Corp, since there is no such centralized resource sharing system available to quickly find the contract or consultant among the IT Consulting companies. Earlier, due to lack of technology, many positions in several small and mid-tier firms used to remain unfilled for a longer duration, where more than 80 percent companies are small business owners. Here the missing link, Murugaiah explains, is an integration tool among consulting companies to share their resources online. So he thought of an idea to build a unique platform and technology for this specific market segment that would empower the small business owners who are the vital part of this economy. Thus, laying a platform for both small business owners and large companies, Murugaiah says, “Most of the time small businesses do subcontract for big companies; so, we attract large companies to use our services and enable them work with the right partners.”

Corp-Corp.com has also successfully hosted over 20 conferences for IT consulting companies across US to empower small business owners. Over 2000 executives have attended and “We created a powerful network among the vendors and the suppliers”, added Murugaiah.

Stepping ahead in the multi-billion dollar subcontracting industry with a better utilization of the existing workforce, the company creates new business relationships among various corporations as a marketing strategy. It gives them an added alternative to grow and expand the IT consulting business through other partners. Focusing more on his customers’ needs than markets Murugaiah says, “Rather than blindly following trends, we have always looked at how market changes may impact the customer and tailor specific solutions to what will work for their business.” By effectively using the available resources companies can increase their revenue by 10-20 percent. The company’s clientele includes few employees firms to big giants. Having been successful in integrating companies for sharing the available resources on contingency basis, today Corp-Corp.com boasts of a clientele that comprises of over 6,000 companies registered with them, while the website logs 30,000 visitors a day. Even in the midst of the economic downturn the company managed to sail through without much business loss, registering 50 percent traffic growth every quarter.

Riding on the current tide of growth, Murugaiah attributes the success to his happy customers, experienced team of employees and the customer-oriented outlook of the organization that is dedicated to excellence. He asserts, “Propelled by the talent of the people and laying faith in the resilience of our business model, we look forward to overcoming challenges that lie ahead of us.”

However, leveraging the opportunities ahead to augment its growth, Corp-Corp.com has well-mapped its plans for increasing its global presence. And with its impeccable record of technology expertise and effective client service, the tough course of action does not look too difficult to achieve.

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