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ATCS IT Solutions in the Niche Segments of Automotive and Healthcare Sectors
SI Team
Tuesday, June 9, 2015
IT solutions and service methodologies have enabled cross pollination of knowledge between industries. Advanced Technology Consulting Service (ATCS), is using this to help its automotive and healthcare clients with the most appropriate technology and business consulting services, particularly in the area of data driven decision making. "Automotive and Healthcare, being highly process centric industries, have always been supported by the tools and systems that have captured structured data. We recognized that there was a direct need for utilizing this data effectively for decision making at multiple levels," reminisces Manish Krishnan, CEO of ATCS. "We have distinguished ourselves particularly in the area of automotive after sales processes which are highly subject to competitive pressure and pricing, but also have significant bottom line impact."

The Park Ridge, NJ based company with offices now in China, Germany and India was established in the early 2000s with the vision to excel in niche segments of business and discovered endless opportunities around after sale services for automotive companies. Tushar Patil, Partner, ATCS USA adds, "After gaining peerless traction in the automotive space, we infused our learning and insights into the niche spaces of healthcare and noticed a startling resemblance between the two. We are now one of the few firms that can provide advanced analytics including predictive analytic solutions to our clients." The company has leveraged its knowledge and experience across the entire life cycle of after sales business to build powerful data driven decision making solutions for both these verticals and have been able to extend it on a global scale in a relatively short span of time. ATCS's ability to significantly shorten the development lifecycle of IT Systems using innovative approaches and propriety frameworks for building real system like 'proof-of-concepts'has helped clients to provide results amidst business complexities in matter of weeks versus months and years using standard traditional approaches.

Alongside their formidable solutions for business and technology consulting, ATCS's culture of emphasizing effective communication and personal accountability are key factors behind its success story. "We behave as a true extension of our client's team regardless of where we are both located. All of our teams extensively leverage technologies such as high-definition video conferencing to have face-to-face communication with our clients in order to maintain the personal touch and trust based relationships with them," beams Jason Castellani, Partner, ATCS USA.

Additionally, ATCS's work culture thrives on the absence of any real form of formal hierarchy and communication. "Formal communication only keeps IT services compliant, but informal methods of interaction is what truly translates into tasks, achievements, and helps us foster real business relations with our clients," expresses Manish Krishnan. In only a few years, the company has etched out a noteworthy reputation in the global market and gathered renowned names in its prestigious clientele. Company also puts lot of emphasis on development of its employees and have several innovative training initiatives that are run under direct supervision of its senior leadership.

The success stories of ATCS stand as testament to the immense functionality and vast applicability of its services. "We are proud of our accomplishments and will maintain our philosophy of being a high quality player in niche segments backed by our innovative work culture," concludes Manish Krishnan.

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