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April - 2014 issue > 10 Most Promising Mobile App Development Companies  

Enterprise Mobile Applications are perceived the future of business arena in the US and across the world, as prospective tools to enhance productivity and increase revenue in ways otherwise impossible. Mobility has demonstrated immeasurable potential to revitalize business, enable faster response time and ensure excellent customer service. Also, success of’ business to customers’ apps along with emergence of several BYOD practices further strengthened the enterprise mobile apps sector in the recent past. As enterprise mobility continues to evolve, additional apps and services are increasingly created and implemented by organizations. Yet, en route to becoming the key platform for businesses to run, enterprise mobility creates certain barriers in terms of organizational vulnerability to compliance and security challenges. In this scenario, there is focus on mobility firms that can address these concerns and simultaneously produce prompt and uncomplicated applications.

To assist organizations to put their finger on some of the most perfect enterprise mobility applications firms, siliconindia presents the 10 Most Promising Enterprise Mobile App Development Companies in US. The top companies were recognized by a distinct panel consisting of CIOs, CEOs, VCs and the siliconindia editorial board. We believe that these organizations will prove to be the best choice specific to your requirements. 

10 Most Promising Mobile App Development Companies 
Company Management Founded Description

3Frames Software Lab                  3frameslab.com

Ramesh Bachiraju, CEO 2010 An enterprise mobility focused young organization with deep understanding and experience in enterprise mobility eco-systems.
SanDiego, CA
Nimesh Srivastava, Founder & CEO 2004 A provider of advanced mobile apps. eMbience builds, manages and distributes on a global scale end-to-end eMpowered™ mobile Lifestyle, Entertainment and Music applications, portals and interactive promotions across mobile devices and platforms
New York, NY
Rameet Chawla, CEO 2009 A mobile design and development company that provide iOS and Android application development, web design, and strategy
Herndon, VA 
Shiva Thirumazhusai, Founder & CEO 2010 A provider of cloud enabled mobile solutions to consumer and enterprise using mobile technologies like Google Glass, iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Seattle, WA
Eswar Eluri,         CEO 2005 A provider of mobile services and business solutions to the North American market using industry leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) products
simpalm                                   Silver Spring, MD     simpalm.com Piyush Jain,         CEO 2009 A mobile application developer that has developed many mobile applications on various platforms- iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows 
Columbus, OH 
Vikas Gupta,        CEO 2009 A provider of end to end mobile applications for quite a few platforms including iPhone, Android and Blackberry
Santa Clara, CA
Vikash Varma, President & CEO 2004 A provider of gateway solutions for the mobile border, securing LTE Radio-to-Core and subscriber communications and safeguarding critical mobile core infrastructure. Headcount:  105; Funding and Investors:  $100+ million
San Jose, CA
Aswin Vora,          CEO
1995 A mobile application development company that specializes in cutting-edge product development and mobile application development services 
Santa Clara, CA
Ashu Goel, 
Founder & CEO
2007 A provider of software services in the emerging mobile-cloud enterprise era. It focuses on mobile-enabling enterprise applications leveraging native, HTML5, Mobile Enterprise Application Platform and cloud as a back-end (MBaaS) technologies.