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Year of NO Cloud?

Jayakishore Bayadi
Sunday, May 9, 2010
Jayakishore Bayadi
For past five or more years web sphere has been carrying terabytes of information and data points on why cloud computing is the next big wave in the technology arena. Cloud computing is a simple concept wherein it offers the hosted services over the internet. It could be software, operating systems, or perhaps even email services. Cloud computing is no more considered as just a fair good concept. Today big companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon and more are in the rat race to capture the maximum pie of the fast growing cloud market with their host of solutions.

Since half a decade or so, whenever a New Year comes, analysts have been predicting that the upcoming year would be the “Year of cloud computing”. Reason is evident. Over a period of time the technology space has seen much advance and organizations are struggling to keep up with the pace. It is no secret that organizations have been spending a large portion of their IT budget in getting all their systems to work together. Given the technology evolution and the maturity in business models, getting what the business users need with a high degree of agility has become a challenge to the CIOs and the IT teams. This being a trend, obviously more and more organizations will consider moving to cloud.

Will it be that easy? Despite the hype and hoopla around the concept, there has been still reluctance from the industry to adopt the technology. Initially there have been concerns, deliberations on the issues like privacy, and security aspects. Also, too many IT leaders opine that it’s a tactical point solution. Though moving on to cloud is a great option to consider for any organization, the challenge of migrating older systems and integrating them with newer systems delivered on SaaS model will be enormous. Surprisingly over 38 percent of respondents decided not to consider SaaS or cloud services quoting this reason, says a Gartner Survey. It is expected that many organizations will use both cloud services and on-premises software leading to a new set of challenges of managing hybrid environments across the organizations.

Indeed hybrid environments will require integration work by IT departments. There are always some things one has got to bridge between what’s going on in the cloud and what’s going on on-premises. Perhaps, that’s why cloud computing is still in its evolutionary phase. The year of cloud computing is still far away. And it seems that there will be no “Year of cloud computing”, any time soon. More likely, there will be a decade or so of hashing out what works and what doesn’t.

In fact this could be an opportunity for Indian entrepreneurs take a look at. Possibly, this is the right chance for them to crack a partnership with biggies in the space to build a solution. One example of tech entrepreneurs looking at cashing in the opportunity would be AppPoint, a Bangalore based Product Company having global customers, which architected business process management (BPM) solutions with integration as one of their key capabilities. As technology matures there will be more of such opportunities. Let’s keep ourselves open.
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