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VRC Legal: A One-Stop Destination for Comprehensive, Simplified Legal Solutions

si Team
Sunday, September 6, 2015
si Team
Undoubtedly India has emerged as one of the most preferred destinations for investments globally for all the right reasons; the talent pool in the youngest demography in the world, the cost advantage, an emerging sophisticated market and recent Government initiatives such as 'Make in India' deem it very attractive for businesses looking to script a new growth story for themselves. However the maze of legalities involved in setting up or expanding business in India can be a daunting prospect for companies, and specifically for foreign investors - this is exactly where VRC Legal steps in to offer a one-stop destination for all legal requirements to such corporate clients.

Founded in 2011, VRC Legal focuses on advisory services in different areas of law across industries. The primary areas of practice include foreign investments and structuring, company and corporate law including mergers, acquisitions and takeovers, labor, real estate, litigation and intellectual property laws.

What differentiates VRC Legal from other boutique firms that have mushroomed in recent years is their integrated offerings across all legal issues with a focus on simplifying documentation and reducing legalese. This ensures that contracts are succinct, comprehensive and comprehendible allowing for maximum clarity and minimum room for unintended interpretations. Headquartered in Bangalore they specialize in presenting dynamic, responsive and client-centered solutions at competent costs.

The three partners heading the organization are Anupama Venugopal, Mahesh Revanna and Akshara Kumar together contributing legal experience of over three decades in different specializations of law. Says Anupama Venugopal, Senior Partner, "Over the years, we have succeeded in building a unique practice wherein we emphasize taking care of not just the legal requirements of a client, but also on understanding the culture of the organization, its people and of the countries they represent; we take into consideration the individual requirements that direct a transaction and so we are able to holistically address the nuances of each issue from several angles and perspectives but always ensuring that any advice or document drafted is devoid of jargon and simple and clear enough to be understood by a layman, since it is ultimately the client that would need to act on it. Additionally, since the 'time' factor is paramount, we place the utmost importance on timely delivery of services, without compromising on the quality of services or foisting additional financial burdens on them."

Interestingly, VRC Legal proved its mettle when within just two years of starting its operations, the firm took over 'Dr. Kainth and Associates', the 20 year old Bangalore-based company, serving European and North American markets, where Anupama was formerly a partner.

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