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Virtualization, Software-Defined Infrastructure and the Evolving Role of the CIO

Shekar Ayyar
Corporate Senior Vice President, Strategy and Development and the General Manager of t-Telco NFV Group
Wednesday, July 8, 2015
Shekar Ayyar
Silicon India sat down for a brief chat with VMware's Shekar Ayyar on the revolutions in virtualization, software-defined infrastructure and the evolving role of today's CIOs. He is the Corporate Senior Vice President, Strategy and Development and the General Manager of the Telco NFV Group.

Q: Shekar, can you give us some insight into the rise of virtualization?

Shekar: Virtualization is a concept that VMware conceived, and nurtured from a revolutionary idea into a full-blown industry that has evolved dramatically over the past 15 years. The idea is to introduce a layer of abstraction that allows servers and computers to operate far more efficiently by operating and appearing as a number of separate securely isolated environments, instead of one, offering incredible operational efficiencies.

Over the last four to five years, bolstered by the growth of the cloud, virtualization has expanded throughout enterprise infrastructures and fostered an entire ecosystem of technology companies to support it. What was once simply server-compute virtualization now spans the entire data center to also encompass virtualization of storage and networking, as well as the management of the complete data center infrastructure. And it's not just the data center - virtualization has transformed customer infrastructures all the way to their mobile devices.

Today, virtualization provides an end-to-end fabric that opens up new opportunities for enterprises large and small, service providers across industries, and the entrepreneurs who are discovering new ways to apply this powerful technology to solve new problems.

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