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Verifaya: Keeping pace with Agile Testing Development

Rachita Sharma
Monday, October 1, 2012
Rachita Sharma
Identifying with Steve Jobs’ philosophy about marching forward, Verifaya aims at “solving tomorrow’s problem and not yesterday’s”. Testing organizations are is in a bad shape owing to stiff competition and user demand. Developing teams create and test every build at a rapid pace which compromises on the quality of testing. This leads to faulty, bug infested apps going live which ultimately results in companies losing customers. Verifaya aims to solve this crucial problem and save its clients their valuable marketing, sales and user acquisition efforts and costs.

The verification and validation company has come up with an apt solution to battle these complexities. Their script free, no-programming test automation technology and test automation services, offers companies another alternative with better, faster, cost effective and more sustainable results. Founded in 2005 as TestingCzars it was later renamed as Verifaya in 2011 after Intel Capital invested in them. They provide testing solutions & services to clients in India and worldwide.

Co-founded by three industry veterans Girish N Basidoni, Ramana Reddy and Madhuchandan C, they now look after different areas of the company. Girish, the CEO of APAC operations is responsible for the business operations, finances and personnel in India. Ramana, VP of services and operations works closely with the project managers and technical specialists to ensure successful and timely delivery of the various projects. Madhuchandran C., VP of products, specializes in test automation, test development, and testing technology management. He oversees all product management and development activities. Post investment, Verifaya has got on their board, Mr. Bill Heye as global CEO to drive their strategic product business and Mr. Uday Bellary as a business & finance advisor.

Understanding the dire needs of the testing industry to save time and increase accuracy, the Verifaya team developed their services with the motivation to help Customer’s team automate complete regression test in a short time span. Apart from functional testing the company also came up with a bouquet of testing services to meet diverse client requirements. In keeping with the spirit to innovate, the company has an out of the box solution with flexible lab architecture to connect customers’ inter & intra devices lab globally in a secured way to support testing of mobile apps across wide varieties of mobile devices. Through their ‘performance and load testing’ they ensure that the client’s web and cloud applications deliver a responsive, reliable and optimized online service at all times. They also address security concerns by conducting various types of application penetration security audits including web application security testing and other customized system audits.Verifaya’s other service; “On-Demand test automation services” using their Verifaya platform & technology for Mobile & Enterprise Applications to serve global customers.

These 360 degree service offerings from Verifaya make them am obvious customer choice. With their test automation tool, Verifaya Studio, clients do not require expensive, experienced automation experts. A first year testing professional can use the product to conduct serious, real-world test cases. They also reduce the risk and effort of transitioning from one test engineer to another.

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