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UST Global: Redefining Customer Relationship

Jaya Smitha Menon
Tuesday, September 30, 2008
Jaya Smitha Menon
The ex-CIO of Novell and a well-known open source evangelist Debra Anderson is excited about what she does these days. She works as a strategic advisor at one of the client locations of UST Global, a California-based IT services firm. Debra not only looks at the delivery schedule and manages the projects but also interacts with the CIO of this client, a Fortune 500 retailer, to understand their business problems and help them innovate by advising them with technology solutions. Debra brings her rich experience and expertise, which help the client improve their business in a competitive environment. This also helps UST Global connect to the customer at a higher level and build a long-term relationship.

“Business success isn’t about having better technology; it’s about using technology better. That means making sure that you truly understand your client’s business problem and help them to grow,” says Sajan Pillai, CEO of UST Global. Hence, at UST the approach is always client-centric. This is very clear from the fact that the company has built a strong senior level team to focus only on customers which includes Robert Dutile, former GM, Technology of Reebok, Marsha Blakeslee, former Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of a large retail firm, and Paul Madarasz, former President of AIG technology.

UST Global provides a gamut of services which extends from Enterprise Application Services (CRM, ERP, e-Procurement, and SCM) to e-Business solutions to more than 50 Fortune 500 companies in industries like retail, manufacturing, transportation, logistics, media, and entertainment. Traditionally, businesses relied on technology and product innovation for competitive advantage. However, as products became commodities due to global competition and relentless technological advances, the battleground for differentiation and customer value creation shifted to customer intimacy and service. A reputation of superior service has proven to be a valuable differentiator in the industry. Hence the company believes that quality is not just about operational efficiency, and it is built upon people, relationships, and skills.

The company invests on the quality of its client relationships rather than the quantity of transactions. This client-centric model results in constant attention to client needs, flexibility, and commitment beyond contract. Fortune 500 clients of UST Global like the attention they receive when the company’s priority is on client share as opposed to market share. To ensure relentless attention to its clients the company targets only a few clients in a year for a long-term business relationship and concentrates and invests on them fully. “This was a conscious decision we made in the very early days of the company. Even if there is a short term opportunity for revenue we ignore it,” explains Pillai.

“Investment does not end up in technologies but also in customers and in some cases even before the contract is signed,” Pillai says. But doesn’t this proactive strategy of investing ahead of time slightly risky? On the contrary, UST Global believes that investing ahead of contract can result in some long-term relationship like what happened with many of its clients.

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Reader's comments(9)
1:everything ok but in the year of 2007 mid some of the Andhra fake exp people came from wipro Bangalore and joined in ust global Chennai ust global should take of these Andhra rayalaseema fake exp people they not only fake even the character also bad and they spread over all the areas of chennai all companies in Tamilnadu some company names Mary lynch Chennai name Vinodkumar reddy came from CTS (verification problem ) he is the friend of Ramakrishna :ramakrishna.koduru@ust-global.com 1000 % fake from wipro joined from Andhra consultancy i squresoft www.isquaresoft.com Bangalore Rajajinager, Vijaybaskar reddy from HCL. education fake and not completed B tech from rayalaseema Midukuru kadapa andhrapradesh good fake from future tech pvt ltd adyar no company and not worked any ware he is another fake. So like this total fake groups coming from A.p so stop this things first
Posted by: - 26th Jan 2012
2:UST Global is an awesome company, and it has its own mechanism to deal with its employees. Ridiculous comments like these are created by people who either hate them or dont\'ve any other job.

Please consider consulting a psychiartist buddy :)
rudy abraham replied to: Ramakrishna kaka post - 07th Mar 2012
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Ramakrishna kaka replied to: post - 02nd May 2017
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replied to: rudy abraham post - 02nd Feb 2014
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replied to: rudy abraham post - 05th Apr 2013
7: some people thing they are intelligent but they don\'t know some thing going behind of them and beyond of their life
replied to: rudy abraham post - 28th Mar 2013
8:Its really communicated site, i really enjoy our time with silicon. And i appreciate to all Silicon team.

Posted by: zaki 143 - 27th Oct 2008
9:We should appreciate UST Global, and especially the founders like Menon and Sajan Pillai for starting such a wonderful company in trivandrum, Kerala, at the time of early 90's, where the investment in kerala was considered as dangerous.

They laid the stone of success, and they proved it through the years, and now UST Global is the largest employment provider in kerala's IT sector .

Its the saga of success, and we wish the vesy best to UST Global.

Posted by: Technopark Today - 09th Oct 2008
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