Three Reasons Why Utility Companies Need a Bi Strategy

Prashant Kumar
Founder & CEO-TechBlocks
Friday, April 1, 2016
Prashant Kumar
Although there isn't the same level of competition for utility and green energy companies as there is in some other industries, these companies can still benefit from technology that boosts their sales efforts, improves their overall customer experience and can allow them to make smarter business decisions.

One technology tool that enables utility or energy companies to achieve multiple interconnected goals is cloud based business intelligence solutions. Cloud BI platforms can help utilities on several fronts including operations, boosting customer satisfaction metrics, and enabling management to make smart predictions that lead to better business decisions.

Some of the core benefits of choosing a cloud-bi solution vs. on premise solution include, easier integration with other services, seamless updates and maintenance that doesn't interrupt business flow, lower expenses due to not requiring hardware and having low implementation costs and the ability to bring in and leverage the power of social network data.

Along with these benefits, cloud BI solutions can help utility companies with.

Streamlining Operations

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