Think Different; Science is Here to Help You

Manuel Rei, Senior Director, Dassault Systèmes & Suresh Kumar, CEO, Chipware Technologies
Tuesday, March 29, 2016
Manuel Rei, Senior Director, Dassault Systèmes & Suresh Kumar, CEO, Chipware Technologies
Dassault Systemes is a French-based 3D experience provider that provides a platform, where businesses can visualize, develop & simulate their ideas before producing the first prototype, and has a current market cap of $19.81 billion.

Nobody dared to bet a single dollar on Steve Jobs when he launched the iPhone, which later revolutionized the phone industry. The hardest challenge a startup can face is proving that it is on the right idea. Human beings are usually uncomfortable to ride into uncharted territories. But, today you have science and technology to bring alive your dreams. So forget what you have been experiencing for the past quarter century and visualize something, which people believe that it is impossible today.

Fuelling the Hi-Tech Revolution

The hi-tech revolution is everywhere. It's in cars, healthcare, smart homes, drones and so on. Whether it's IoT or IoE (Internet of Experiences), they require plenty of devices such as sensor, application processor, digital single processor or micro controller to sustain the innovation. Without semiconductors fuelling the innovation, IoT will not be possible. However, capital investment is a major setback for semiconductor organizations, as they need to alter the manufacturing method and parts of equipments for every two years. This can also be twisted into an advantage, since today one can turn to foundry to produce semiconductors, while keeping their focus on their comfort zone.

There are and there will be plenty of startups focusing on customer experience, without mastering all the aspects in the innovation chain. During the IESA vision summit, an Indian doctor presented a machine that analyses blood in a matter of minutes, which took days before. Instead of focusing on semiconductor, this machine's creator turned to companies that are specialised in semiconductor designs & manufacturing and electronic design & manufacturing.

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