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The Three VPs at Microsoft

Vickram Swamy
Friday, February 28, 2003
Vickram Swamy
Sivaramakichenane Somasegar began his career at Microsoft on Jan. 23, 1989 as a software design engineer in the OS/2 group. He took on management roles of increasing responsibility, eventually becoming responsible for Test Management for the NT family of products. Today, he is the Corporate Vice President for the Windows Engineering Services Group, responsible for the overall project and release management of the Windows family of products. He heads a team of over 2,000, and is also in-charge of Microsoft’s India Development Center.

The biggest difference between engineers here and India, he says, is that over time, the Indian engineer turns into a project manager, whereas a U.S engineer will pursure his development role into becoming a lead architect. Communication is another issue, says Somasegar. “People will grill me here,” he laughs, “whereas people in India are more hesitant.”

Passion is god, he says. “If I notice a spark in an interviewee, am half-way there in choosing him,” says Somasegar. Key to his success, he says, are five priorities: company, customers, the group you work for, the people who work for you, and yourself. If there is a trade-off, the company and customers come first, and you must come in last. Success is then automatic, he says.

Do your job well, he advises. “Tomorrow, if I am a janitor, I’d better do my job so well, that somebody will notice it and yank me out of it for a better role,” he says, “and that is all important.”

He holds a Masters in Computer Engineering from Louisiana State and a B.E from Anna University, India.

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