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The Size Of Those Screens Are Getting Smaller!

Bhavin Shah
Wednesday, February 5, 2014
Bhavin Shah
As the number of devices we use continues to proliferate, the size of those screens are getting smaller. Just a few years ago 20" PC screens were the dominant form factor and now its 4" smartphones. Tomorrow our most beloved screens might be a 1" watch or 0.5" eyewear such as Google Glass. In order to accommodate this trend, products and services need to get smarter about what they show and when they interrupt you. A familiar feed or stream would not be possible. Applications will have to be more precise about showing you what is most important and will have to therefore understand your needs and your situation more intimately.

Tablet sales have also been dropping sharply lately, largely because smartphones have been growing in size and laptops have been shrinking, getting better battery life, and getting cheaper. Currently, having one of these devices connected always requires a second wireless account, unless you turn tethering on. Turn the tablet into another smartphone accessory that merely functions as a bigger screen would result in making it arguably cheaper and lighter for the same reason. In addition, you could always have the screen size you wanted without replacing the core phone module. In combination with the smartwatch, you would not need a screen on the phone, since you would have a better screen for some things on your wrist and for others on your tablet. This two-screen solution would be more optimal than the compromised screen on a smartphone is now.

Hiring Continues to be the Bottleneck for Most Funded Startups

During a rising bull market like the one we are in, prosperity and growth of larger public companies means every qualified candidate has multiple offers. Additionally and ironically, it is easier to find people with true start-up DNA during recessions because those that do apply - want to change the world. Right now, many people want to join a start-up because it is expected of them or see immediate financial gains.

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