The Road Ahead for MBA Holders

SI Edu Team
Friday, February 27, 2015
SI Edu Team
According to a report ‘Management Education in India’, changing economic conditions and global competition has given management education in India an increasingly central role in the success of individuals and corporations. Relevance of an MBA degree is of undeniable prominence for a substantial career. But the niftiness with which one chooses the stream and a relevant add-on course to an MBA degree drastically enhances the career opportunities with good regard towards receiving heavy paychecks.

Financial sector and eCommerce sector has the boom in the current market. And it has been observed that many MBA graduates still lack the niftiness in handling major corporate changes and fluctuations. It often puts the quality of the MBA graduate’s qualification in no less of a doubt. A need arises in this scenario towards fostering to the lack of quality in MBA degrees.
'After MBA Courses' are no less than an aid and more of use for those who want to go for a specialization in any of the management fields like Marketing and HR. A course after MBA is also beneficial for those who prefer to study doctorate course in MBA. While most of the courses for MBA are meant for a student to acquire a good job in a high profile company, the 'After MBA Courses' provide opportunity for students to study abroad and gain extra knowledge of business ethics in foreign countries. For some ambitious students, it is good to continue further studies through Diploma Courses or Certificate Courses in India as they get an added advantage in the employment market. At the same time, one can study on part time basis or through distance education while working on a company. It can also work out the other way, one can do a job on part time basis and pursue the courses after MBA, short term or otherwise. Conventionally, one can go for the same subjects as they have studied during MBA, they can also go for pursuing their hobbies and making career out of it as well. If one is good in teaching, one can be a trainer, consultant or provide private tuition.

With all these in mind, we have come up with a list of courses for management graduates in the country. This may not be a comprehensive list, which contains information about every courses from the all the available categories. However, we have managed to list out most important courses and have given neutral and much needed information about the same. Hope it helps the students to regain the lost compass of their life.

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