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Test and Verification Solutions: Improving Customer Product Delivery and Quality through Tailored Solutions for Hardware Verification and Software Testing

Kavitha G.
Wednesday, August 27, 2014
Kavitha G.
With increasingly cut-throat competition and constant product evolution, it has become essential for software and hardware product development companies to stay current with emerging technologies. Several companies have failed to do this because of their failure to introduce measures to tackle increasing levels of software and hardware defects as the complexity of their products increases, resulting in significant delays in getting products to market, poor product quality and considerable overspend on development projects. Quite simply they fell behind their competitors and have paid the penalty. In the rush to bring new products to market, effective verification, testing and quality assurance can often fall by the wayside. This is where Dr. Mike Bartley stepped in with unique and innovative hardware and software verification frameworks when he founded TVS Test and Verification Solutions in 2008.

Dr. Bartley is known for deploying state-of-the-art software test and hardware verification methodologies, often speaking at and organizing industry conferences and events. Recognized expertise and total focus on test and verification has led to TVS becoming an established player in the outsourced services industry with year on year growth since starting in 2008. "We work hard to ensure that we are on top of developments in software testing and hardware verification technologies and techniques," explains Dr. Bartley. The team at TVS employs well-defined processes for testing and verification that they adapt for each customer. This UK based company, with test and verification centres in Bangalore (T&VS) and Chennai (T&VS), provides its services to companies across a number of industry sectors and its customer list includes many well-known names like Intel, Infineon, NVIDIA, Ericsson, Ultra Electronics, ARM and LG.

TVS also offers consultancy to improve and deploy verification processes for customers and training in the latest verification methodologies. TVS's hardware verification solution asureVERIF which is based on its verification strategy also incorporates asureVIP, a highly configurable verification IP portfolio which can be easily incorporated into any digital SOC verification environment, and asureSIGN, a unique tool that ensures product requirements have been successfully implemented and tested. TVS's software testing solution asureTEST, which is also based on its verification strategy, helps its customers establish cost-effective testing facilities and also incorporates the asureSIGN tool.

TVS's test and verification expertise in embedded computing and semiconductor design extends to safety-related systems, software and hardware in industry sectors such as automotive, medical and aerospace. Meeting safety certification requirements presents a number of additional challenges for many companies. TVS's knowledge of the safety standards coupled with their test and verification expertise and the asureSIGN tool, helps their customers demonstrate compliance with the standards, getting their products to market faster.

TVS recognizes the importance of its workforce in delivering these services and driving the company to greater success. It invests in their training and its focus on innovation gives employees the opportunity to think-out-of-the-box. The company also offers its workforce stock options so they really feel a part of the company.

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