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April - 2009 - issue > Management

Talent management in the times of downturn

Rishi Das
Monday, April 13, 2009
Rishi Das
Jack Welch, once famously said – “If you’ve hired the right people, they will want to grow”.

It does not get any more accurate than that – having the right team, is the recipe for success. Today, with the current scenario of global economic meltdown, the lasting differentiator for any organization would be the capabilities they build up while this season lasts. It translates to having the right set of people with right set of skills in the workforce. Depending from where you look at, in a lot of ways, an economic downturn is a big opportunity, slack revenues notwithstanding. A business leader of today needs to leverage next twelve to eighteen months to build scalable and robust platforms which will fuel the next generation of growth cycle for the company. Most of the organizations make the hay while the sun shines but falter on the capability buildup which is essential to keep the momentum when going gets tough.

Attract the best talent

Today, there is no dearth of quality talent available – all it takes is correct talent branding strategy and corporate positioning to attract them. Organizations should objectively look at their talent pool for areas of strengths and weakness in the light of current, midterm and long term business outlook. Once the incumbent talent need is derived, a well thought out strategy for talent acquisition can be worked out. The talent acquisition remains a key function where smart working can help corporations save time of the business teams significantly and thereby their money spend.

But the talent acquisition needs of companies are becoming more and more intricate – which means more focus and effort for proper functioning. Cross-location, multiple skills, blend of technologies and personal attributes makes the hiring process a very involved effort. Thus we are clearly setting ourselves for the outsourcing of recruitment function as it is not a core competence of an organization just like payroll or IT Infrastructure. By outsourcing talent acquisition function, the team can focus on core business issues while they have a reliable framework of talent supply. This is a new emerging paradigm, which is making a lot of companies tread this path. Welcome to the world of Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

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