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Software Video Conferencing Outsmarts Hardware Based Setups

Damanjeet Kaur
Director-Marketing & Media Communications, PeopleLink
Monday, April 1, 2013
Damanjeet Kaur
The demand to stay connected is the most critical in today's era, and more & more businesses are switching to Videoconferencing to get their meetings done. Companies are working towards reducing travel costs & time, plus Higher employee motivation, greater commitment and development of personal ties is what most companies want from their Business meetings and it takes the Human look and feel- the face-to-face interactions to get this done. Enterprises are increasingly using video conferencing for collaborating, training, issue communications & do client meetings, for getting the Face to face meeting experience at low costs.

With ever evolving technology, the earlier video conferencing set-ups which required expensive hardware based set-ups, enormous bandwidth & which worked only on similar set ups of its own, limited its usage and is becoming obsolete day by day. Hardware based setups have become a dying technology with the advent of smarter software based video conferencing technology that has removed the barriers of cost and complexity and encouraged the current generation of workers to adopt video conferencing, enabling users to connect cross-platform wise on all major Operating Systems and all browsers.

Expensive hardware endpoints are giving way to more affordable, high quality software video conferencing solutions. Further highly advanced software based technologies like PeopleLink are able to converge TelePresence quality into desktop video conferencing to give the users the best live face to face meeting experience, at affordable price point and very low bandwidth of even 124kbps.

High Quality video conferencing is expanding beyond the boundaries of Boardrooms and conference room systems into users’ hands. High quality cameras at low costs, easy bandwidth availability, Powerful PC processors, smart phones, tablets suggest it is a matter of time before anyone to anywhere video meetings will be as common as making a telephone call today. In the past three years alone several companies have moved from hardware-based conference room solutions (which are also quite expensive) to software based video conferencing and conducting business meetings via laptops and smart phones. Anybody can get connected from anywhere across the world over the internet, without having to worry whether they are travelling, in the office or at home & what mobile device they are on.

Today, What an IT Decision maker is keeping in mind while selecting the right Video Conferencing Technology for his organization?
a. Offer life-like HD performance at competitive Pricing, with the same solution being able to offer interoperatability of TelePresence as well as Desktop Based Video Conferencing, so that while the Business Heads are connected from a multiscreen TelePresence setup from their Boardroom, another remote executive should be able to login to same meeting from his Laptop or even smart phone even while travelling.

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