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May - 2012 - issue > Entrepreneur Talk

Software Product vs Services Startups

Shirish Deodhar
Founder & CEO-InnovizeTech Software
Tuesday, May 1, 2012
Shirish Deodhar
Founded by four serial entrepreneurs, Pune based InnovizeTech is a new player in India’s emerging software product story. Its patent-pending and award-winning cloud-based solution, Sapience, enables enterprises to achieve significant gains in work output – effortlessly. The founding team’s previous two ventures had successful exits to VERITAS Software (now Symantec Inc.) and Symphony Services Inc. Thereafter they scaled both subsidiaries to high revenue and over 700 employees in 3.5 years each.

The IT industry seems to be ascending to the next level in the value chain every 10 years. The 1980s represented investment in the US with migration of talented workforce from India, and the 1990s led to India as a source of IT talent. The years 2000-2009 marked Indian IT’s arrival as the world’s leading provider of services and business process outsourcing. Going by this trend, it can be predicted that the current decade (2010 onwards) will mark the rise of India’s software product business. If India can become the hub of the world’s most successful IT services as well as product companies, it can truly lay claim to being a knowledge superpower.

Recent developments are driving the emergence of the local product industry:

* A large pool of talented engineers and managers who have worked at global ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) in India and U.S.
* The rapid growth of local market and increasing adoption of IT with India-specific requirements especially for consumer facing apps on cellphones
* Technology disruptions including the emergence of cloud computing, which make national boundaries irrelevant, and reduce cost of global sales
* Flair for innovation and risk-taking amongst a generation that has grown up in post-liberalized India, and availability of funds from successful IT Services entrepreneurs

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Reader's comments(2)
Posted by: Avani Suresh Nagwann - 09th May 2012
2:Very insightful read Loved it!!!
Avani Suresh Nagwann replied to: Avani Suresh Nagwann post - 09th May 2012
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