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People Practices is of highest priority

Vishwas Nair
Wednesday, May 16, 2012
Vishwas Nair
It is people who make all the difference in an economy. Now that the culture has changed in the Indian workplace, talent acquisition, and keeping the employees happy becomes extremely important to an organization’s success graph.

In a candid chat with Rajnish Sinha, Senior VP, HR, Genpact, we get a clear idea about the HR practices that the organization has been following to continue its success as the company it is today.

Could you take us through some of the trends or changes that are taking place in the industry today from an HR perspective?

Genpact has been in existence for about fourteen years now. The need for domain is increasingly felt now and increasingly we ask for people who can talk our language. For example, if we are working with an investment bank, we would need enough number of people who have got reasonable experience of that. This is the trend that is being happening over the last couple of years and we picked it up three or four years ago. Also, it has changed the way we look at things. A lot of investments in talent, a lot of investments in Domain and also a lot more experienced talents are coming in.
We do not call ourselves a BPO but we call it a Business Process management and Technology Company. One third of our revenue comes from technology and a large part of it comes from analytics. Also, the work that we do in finance and accounting is very important. We have highly skilled people for all these processes.
We are a very global workforce where we have presence in 50 different cities and centers across 18 countries. In all these places, people are generally the same. They often want to grow their career graph where they want to come in and work hard. The view here perhaps is how we can provide them with opportunities to grow their career scale. There is a huge focus given to our employees internally. Hence, we try and keep giving our employees opportunities to enrich their careers by giving them training. We have a programme called Education at Work which is all about us subsidizing education costs while the employees are with us. We have about eight thousand people in this programme which has extensive value not just internally but also externally. This most often improves our employees’ marketability.

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