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SiliconBlue: Closing the Application Processor Gap

Poonam Bhattacharya
Wednesday, December 31, 2008
Poonam Bhattacharya
There are two reasons as to why a startup, in this case SiliconBlue Technologies, can manage to win over 80 customers in a span of five months: first, it has a disruptive technology that prospective clients had been scouting for a long time; second, it has an expansive sales network that enables it to tap a huge number of customers on a daily basis.

But neither of these reasons applies in its entirety to SiliconBlue Technology, pioneer of an Ultra-Low-Power 65-nm FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) technology for consumer applications, says Kapil Shankar, CEO and founder of the company.

“Rather,” says Shankar, “we focus on giving solutions that clients are looking for. In that sense, we allow them to play on their own terms.”

Consider ‘on their own terms’ and you could be looking at 80 different sets of terms for 80 different customers. For a startup to build that range of solutions might have taken a long time, but not for SiliconBlue, founded in late 2005 operating in the immensely dynamic consumer applications market. What, then, lies at the core of its exploits?

On Customers’ Terms

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