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March - 2006 - issue > On The Cover

Sify: Opening New Frontiers

Priya Pradeep
Tuesday, March 21, 2006
Priya Pradeep
Walking briskly down the aisles of the state-of-the-art Global Command Center at Chennai, India, R Ramaraj, CEO, Sify looks over the shoulders of his engineers peering intently at the PCs in front of them. As he watches them at work, he feels a sense of satisfaction. At how smoothly processes and solutions are being systematically generated for the Parsippany, NJ based Sun Chemical Corporation. “Remote management of infrasructure is our core competence, you could say its in our DNA. Our vast experience in infrastructure management in India enables us to add real value to our customers in the U.S. We are specialists in this area,” says Ramaraj with quiet confidence.

Even as you read these lines, Sify’s engineers are busy solving problem tickets for Sun Chemical, a large U.S. based manufacturer of printing inks and pigments. They remotely monitor Sun Chemical’s IT infrastructure across the U.S. and Europe on a 24x7 basis out of India. They carry out all routine administrative tasks, fix any problems that arise, and report on the health of the IT infrastructure in real time.

Today, Sun Chemical’s IT managers can rest easy, confident that Sify’s support team would have fixed any problem before it can impact end users or disrupt business operations. Sify remotely manages 525 servers housed in four data centers across the U.S. and U.K. for Sun Chemical. These enable critical business processes across Sun’s manufacturing, distribution and customer relationship management functions. This remote management service relies on Sify’s redundant network connectivity over four undersea cable systems to ensure services are ‘Always On.’

Sify’s 18-month relationship with Sun Chemical started bearing fruit within a few months of engagement. Scott Carcillo, CIO, of the $4 billion Sun Chemical is happy. “When I stepped in to Sun Chemical two and a half years back, we had different vendor service agreements and different processes to manage our distributed infrastructure. Across Sun's 312 locations, there was no consistent model and we faced several perfomance issues. Few months after the Sify engagement began; I got a unified view of my entire infrastructure across Sun's multiple locations sitting at my desk. It was a great relief and I felt we were more secure,” quips Carcillo.

“The complexity of Sun Chemical’s IT infrastructure enabled value added off-shoring. We drew on our deep knowledge and experience of infrastructure management to streamline processes at Sun Chemical, and delivered cost savings by off-shoring our services,” points out V M Kumar, Vice President – Infrastructure Management Services at Sify.

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