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July - 2008 - issue > Company Spotlight

Saviance Technologies - Bestriding on a Multi-pronged Strategy

Saheer Karimbayil
Monday, October 13, 2008
Saheer Karimbayil
When a company plans to secure its feet on a competitive soil, the first issue to be addressed is to find a way for it to stand out in the crowd. In the usual scenario, the better way is to single out a niche area of business, develop expertise in that discipline and demonstrate oneself as an apostle in that domain. But, New Jersey-based Saviance Technologies, founded by Rohit Mahajan, does not want to confine itself into a single niche, and instead offers a wide spectrum of IT and related services to its clients.

Validating the logical reason behind the company’s multi-domain character, Mahajan, CEO, says, “Unlike single domain specialists who would have to look for clients only in their area of expertise, we can go to any client that is looking at a wide range of services, given our expertise in a large gamut of skill sets. And instead of convincing the customer ‘this is the solution we have’ we can say ‘tell us, what is your requirement’. And that approach is what makes us stand out.”

All Under One Roof

The Saviance Management Team has an extensive professional experience in both the US and India. Being educated at Harvard and Wharton, they combine cross-functional leadership skills with a deep understanding, unique perspective and hands-on experience of the business landscape in India and the US.

Run by thorough professionals heading a team of highly trained technical specialists, a wide range of skill sets are at the disposal of Saviance, which is suitable to almost all the possible requirements that may arise within the different walks of the industry. In IT consulting, the company offers SAP and Oracle application, Technology Infrastructure - which includes system administration, database administration, storage area networking and wide area networking, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence (BI), and quality assurance and testing. Apart from these, web, mobile space solutions and IT training and recruitment including BPO services are the other arenas of the company, all of which have a client base across different verticals.

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