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Sampling Research: The Emerging Thespian in Market Research with Propitious Endeavors

Anamika Sahu
Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Anamika Sahu
When Dr. Shikha Suman completed her PhD in Technology Management from IIT Kanpur, she was crystal clear about her future. Unlike any of her peers, she knew she wanted to play with numbers and drag out an abstract report from them to help companies grow. This is why she jumped into the gigantic ocean of research industry to provide niche scientific methodology to her clients and not just data collection service that many of the other research companies were doing. Thus came into existence 'Sampling Research', which Dr. Shikha found single handedly in 2010.

Dr. Shikha saw a huge gap between the two layers of research service providers: the industry giants and the tier II providers. While the services provided by the giants were superlative and expensive that takes SMBs pocket for a toss, majority of tier II providers just gathered some figures from the market and served them on plate to the clients that didn't bring much value to the investments made by clients. This is where between the two slice of bread; she positioned her company Sampling Research as the slice of Cheese that touches the surface of both the breads. "This positioning helped customers understand that we surely provided a bit less from the top players but we were par above the tier II players in the space that helped them recover their RoI faster," says Dr. Shikha Suman, Founder & Managing Director, Sampling Research Pvt. Ltd.

Today, Sampling Research provides end-to-end workable strategy solutions and implementation assistance to their clients across globe. The company assists their clients to understand the Indian market and succeed in their business, trade and investments in India. They provide comprehensive Industrial & Business Research, Business Intelligence, India Entry Strategy, Social Research and Analytics services to government organizations, NGOs, corporate houses and market research providers across the globe. A viable solution is designed and implemented for every client that fulfills clients' requirements. Today, Sampling Research serves a wide range of top tier clients in verticals of pharmaceuticals, telecom, automobiles, BFSI and many more. Along with this, Sampling Research also plays the role of an MRO (Market Research Outsourcing) where they work with large market research companies in different parts of the world including U.S., UK, Japan, Singapore and France. The company is also working heavily with CSR wings of different corporate houses.

To provide a niche and pin-point accurate report, Sampling Research themselves outsource a bit of their work for data collection to small firms, local channel partners and freelancers who are present in small cities of India. "We do focus on collecting data as the right amount of data will help us interpret the best result and help our clients with this. We work across spectrum in terms of understanding the objectives of clients' research, designing a research and questions for them and getting the responses which is done either with our team or with local channel partners," explains Dr. Shikha.

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