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SAGlobal India: World's Largest Specialist Dynamics AX Partner

Anamika Sahu
Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Anamika Sahu
Enterprises globally are looking towards securing their pockets from those extra burdens put due to inefficient management of finance, human capital, supply chain, project management or business intelligence. They have to scan through a number of different layers of solutions in order to zero-in on one. This is where SAGlobal India comes into picture.
SAGlobal is headquartered in Hong Kong and has a worldwide presence across six continents and 15 countries. SAGlobal India is a subsidiary of SAGlobal who have been offering comprehensive services in the enterprise software business field for nearly 25 years. This Bangalore based IT Services company is one of the largest Microsoft Dynamics AX specialists globally and was established in India in 1999 to provide global outsourced services on Microsoft Dynamics products. SAGlobal India has gained phenomenal exposure and expertise on Microsoft Dynamics AX by doing large global implementations, localization and support services for Microsoft and developing verticals for ISV's in new and emerging industries.
SAGlobal India has a 15 year relationship with Microsoft that has enabled them to employ the very latest tools and technologies for potential customers while also putting them way ahead of the learning curve of future versions of the product. Their depth of knowledge and expertise on Microsoft Dynamics products, make them one amongst the best 'go-to-partners' for ISV Partners to develop industry solutions on this platform. This mixture of scale and experience has positioned SAGlobal India such that they are able to offer services on Microsoft Dynamics not just to Microsoft and its customers, but to the large Partner Community as well which helps them bridge the supply-demand gap across the spectrum of industries.
Apart from multi-country roll-outs that they specialize in and a vast range of industry focused Microsoft Dynamics AX services the company also offers global services that support worldwide customers and partners with a host of services including all levels of support, training and upgrade services. Veena Thimmaya, Director, SAGlobal India, says, "We have stood witness to the tremendous growth of the product. From being a product that required us to educate customers, it is now regularly a part of the top 3 ERPs that all enterprise customers are evaluating. With this exponential growth in the industry, the biggest challenge is when supply struggles to meet demand. At present, finding well trained and experienced Microsoft Dynamics AX professionals is a challenge worldwide. Having entered the Microsoft Dynamics AX market in its infancy and worked for many years with Microsoft, SAGlobal is fortunate to have already built a large base of highly experienced, 100 percent certified, technical and functional Microsoft Dynamics AX professionals". The company has been working on these products before they even became part of the Microsoft product suite and have continued to do so ever since. What really differentiates SAGlobal from their competitors is the scalable team with very deep product knowledge running back to early versions of the product, a team that is intimately familiar with the roots of the product and a team who gets the job done- On Time, On Budget.
At present the company sees a huge potential for growth in the APAC region and understands its importance as a critical business growth hub. With existing APAC operations in India, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and Vietnam, they plan to further extend their APAC network and establish new business operations in Malaysia and Thailand shortly. "At SAGlobal, we will continue to open infinite doors of opportunities for our team, whilst never forgetting to continue providing quality services to our customers and sustaining our core values of openness, passion, focus, excellence and honesty," concludes Veena.

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