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PeopleWorld Consulting Solutions: With a Third Eye for Real Talent

Poulomi Mukherjee
Sunday, November 23, 2014
Poulomi Mukherjee
India is set to become the youngest country in the world by 2020 which is a huge reservoir of young, talent and most desired human resource of the world. It is also estimated that by 2020, around 10 percent of the overall workforce in India would be working in flexible capacity through staffing companies. In such a colossal and thriving industry, PeopleWorld Consulting Solutions is a name worth mentioning. The 2013 borne company is competing neck to neck with the biggies of the industry like , Kelly, Adecco, IKYA, Teamlease and several others; has not only built a strong footing but also has won some marquee clients in the very first fiscal year of the business. Starting off from one of the most competitive streets(Koramangala ) in Bangalore to remain agile and offer operations excellence along with execution capability, PeopleWorld is efficiently serving clients in Asia Pacific, Europe, South Africa, U.S. and Middle East. With operations in the Indian and the U.S. market, the company recently ventured the Singapore market with Dubai and Oman in pipeline.

With an idea to leverage the mid-sized staffing segment of India, Christopher Raju, Vinston Samuel, Abhay Vaidya - the co-founders of PeopleWorld - incepted the boutique global staffing firm with an idea to change the entire dynamics of staffing for the mid-sized segment that is ignored by big staffing companies. The company addresses the entire gambit space around HR acting as one-stop-shop offering services such as staffing, recruitment, payroll, background verification check and BPO outsourcing. PeopleWorld - a bootstrapped company - caters both IT and non-IT clients including IT, Telecom, Retail, Life Science, Oil & Gas and several others whilst providing one of the most cost effective solutions available in the market. PeopleWorld has overcome the most arduous task for any startup of making in-road to the larger companies using its skill and extensive experience of management in the industry to evoke more than 40 clients including many Fortune 100 companies within just 10 months of its operations.

Committed to transform business to become more profitable, PeopleWorld acts as the driving force to accelerate and propel the business growth of its clients by quenching their thirst for a talented workforce that is abreast with the latest technologies. With a keen eye on talent and extensive research on skills available in the market, the company strives to create world-class teams: nimble and collaborative, while adding the technology flavor in its end-to-end services. But one of the major challenge that PeopleWorld faces currently is getting through to the most-talented and skilled resource as the number of such individuals can be counted on fingers. "We're bringing technology aspect to refine our search options and there are in-house application tools that we have built and deployed, which gives us an edge over competitors," says Christopher Raju, the Co-Founder & CEO, PeopleWorld Consulting Solutions. The company doesn't forbid itself from using the passive mode of hiring like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to track and hire candidates.

Instigating an inclusive kind of work culture wherein the team members are empowered enough to take decisions or try out any new initiative, PeopleWorld offers the best quality services, on- time deliverables and cost effective solutions. With a team having the comprehensibility of the challenges and requirements of known brands as well as startups, the company envisions a global expansion while increasing its services to become an end-to-end service providing comprehensive one-stop HR shop in the future. PeopleWorld also gears up to reach the 100 client mark to emerge as one among the top 10 fastest growing company within next fiscal year.


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