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Optimus PPC Services: Leveraging Digital Platforms to Enable Business Growth

si Team
Wednesday, February 8, 2017
si Team
A non-RoI focused online advertising campaign, fees based on percentage of ad spends, an ignorant client who never owns the data of the campaign, and fed with one-size-fits-all approach are the sure elements of a digital marketing failure. This call for an avenger who offers RoI driven Performance AdWords Campaign Management Services based on fixed deliverables & fees model working on no-one-size-fits-all approach and transparency. Optimus PPC is one of them who specialize in empowering SMEs with uniquely crafted digital marketing campaigns. Working more like a consulting company with clear deliverables and a fee based on time spent approach, Optimus PPC provides RoI driven Performance AdWords Campaign Management Services and don't incentivise itself to get clients to spend more. "We educate clients about several aspects and do the right thing for them including tracking RoI, which is a key metric and allow the right allocation of spends on various channels & campaigns," says Subash Bidare, Founder, Optimus PPC.

Combining Subash's 18 years of industry experience with AdWords knowledge and other ad platform technicalities, the company adds value to SMEs in the entire marketing process, resulting in optimum utilization of the ad spends to get the best results. The company develops customized strategies based on data & business needs. "All AdWords Strategy & Tactical decisions are made based on data from the client, customers & campaigns," adds Subash. Every campaign is executed through client owned accounts thus enabling them access to all PPC Campaigns anytime with complete ownership. Defying the traditional, old school method of fees charging, Optimus works based on value delivered month-on-month. At any point of time, if the clients feel dissatisfied, they own the power to cancel the contract.

Umbrella of Offerings

As a Google Partner and AdWords Certified team, Optimus specializes in Google Search, Display & Google Shopping ads. It provides a complete advertising campaign management services stretching from Search Ads to Display Ads, Shopping Ads, Video Ads & Mobile Ads. Alongside, Optimus also works on other platforms like Facebook, Bing, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and few other private networks to deliver the right combination of ad channels to target the customer optimally. Leveraging such RoI focused offerings, clients like Earth Based Institute, Era Health, Maven Silicon, Nimble Organics, Freedom Holidays and many more have restored their faith on digital marketing and reaped huge benefits. For instance, Optimus re-worked & optimized shopping, search & remarketing campaigns for an e-Commerce client who was already using AdWords for three years. In just four months, the client was able to achieve 584 percent growth in sales, with a reduction in average cost per sale by 70 percent, and a 15x ROAS (return on ad spends).

Then & Now

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