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Open Silicon: Global Semiconductor Solution Company

SI Team
Friday, November 1, 2013
SI Team
A good semiconductor company is one that delivers several blends of products and services to its customers and does it well. Engineering support, test engineering needs, traditional ASIC solutions and netlist/RTL handoff are among the key ingredients of a successful venture in this space. In fact there are very few companies in the market today that can boast such wideranging products and services and Open-Silicon - a 2003 founded provider of cutting-edge semiconductor solutions is certainly one of them. The company's full range of solutions include traditional ASIC solutions, derivative and platform SoCs, hardware and software design, and production handoffs among many other offerings.

Open-Silicon has built one of the industry's first end-to-end custom SoC development solution, OpenMODEL, based on a revolutionary business model that provides a seamless, low-cost and low-risk alternative to traditional models for complex ASIC design and development. The solution was built keeping in mind the complexities in this industry that currently exists. In fact, clients are always worried about first silicon success with 3rd party IP, while having to deal with large number of vendors to get to silicon, long drawn out contracts, and erratic support. While simplifying these challenges, Open-Silicon brings freedom of choice to the traditionally inflexible chip supply-chain.

Additionally, Milpitas, CA based Open-Silicon provides full-service semiconductor solutions, design and manufacturing, offering broad product development solutions to fit the changing needs of each customer. From concept through specification, architecture, front-end design, physical design, software, and manufacturing, Open-Silicon offers complete solutions for collaborative development.

A combination of Open-Silicon's in-house engineering, technology, the design know-how and partner IP takes the company a notch above its competition. But when you add Open-Silicon's reputation for exceptional customer satisfaction to the mix it makes this semionductor solutions company a solid choice for all ASIC solution needs.

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