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NetSkope: Enforcing Granular Policies within Cloud Apps

SI Team
Tuesday, February 9, 2016
SI Team
"If you know both yourself and your enemy, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss," said Sun Tzu in 'The Art of War'- a very relevant saying when it comes to the subject of Enterprise Security. Among the numerous challenges faced by the CIOs today, the one posed by security stands out as one of the most critical. Organizations have to employ a combination of smart strategy and intelligent technology choice to keep their corporate information assets safe- same goes for their cloud services. Leading Cloud Access Security Broker, Netskope addresses the challenges by enabling their clients to understand and mitigate risk, prevent data loss, and enforce policies in a holistic way.

Deployed primarily as a cloud service, the Netskope cloud is internet based and is facilitated in private data centers that are SOC-1, Sort II and SOC-2, Sort 1 and Sort II certified. The company's comprehensive range of solutions include Cloud DLP (Data Loss Prevention) which protects sensitive business data of the organizations from loss and complies with their data governance policy, Cloud Encryption which protects cloud data and ensures privacy with cloud data encryption, Cloud Storage Security which secures cloud storage and collaborates apps, and Redundancy Elimination which consolidates cloud apps with redundant functionality.

Netskope also provides Featured Secure Business Apps for securing the commonly-used apps by organizations namely, Office 365, Google Apps, Salesforce, Box, Dropbox and Egnyte. Netskope enables its clients to find, understand, and secure cloud apps in real-time, remarks Sanjay Beri, Founder and CEO, Netskope. The company's granular policies let the organizations enforce granular activities instead of blocking apps- Netskope believes that's how cloud security solutions should work.

The company's prowess in providing cloud-based solutions in the Enterprise Security landscape, has enabled it to have an impressive clientele which includes the likes of LOYAL3, Pandora, Dignity Health, and Availity to name a few. In one instance, Plex, a fast-growing Silicon Valley startup approached Netskope to provide them with key insights into usage trends on important cloud apps, such as Google Drive and GitHub. Plex's increasing global presence required them to have the ability to proactively monitor cloud app usage trends.

Plex used the Netskope's introspection and data loss prevention features for their Google Apps for Work environment. This meant that data already present in Google Drive could be inspected for intellectual property and other sensitive files. Plex also employed the Netskope Active Platform in order to stop out-of-policy downloads of source code from GitHub in real-time. Netskope helped us safely operate a number of critical cloud business services while reducing the chances of exposing our business unnecessarily. Netskope stood out as a leader in providing robust DLP capabilities and granular policy enforcement, said Scott Olechowski, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Plex.

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