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Motivation, the Key to Empower

Robert H. Chapman
Wednesday, November 5, 2008
Robert H. Chapman
Over the past years, organizations have begun to recognize that the area of motivation has become incredibly successful. Organizations have worked to understand the critical elements of the motivation programs, to capture this experience and replicate it in other areas of business.

The attention of various organizations has turned to leadership and motivation in the larger sense and for defining the corporate culture which has been critical to success of large organizations.

In the process of studying motivation and leadership, many organizations have benchmarked a number of companies that were held up as examples of the best places to work, or as organizations with cutting edge approaches for motivating and compensating employees. In reviewing articles that were written as recently as a year ago, we see that many of these 'ideal' organizations have failed or are in the middle of a huge crisis.

It is evident that motivation must be in the context of a business model that is achievable. The most highly motivated individuals can some times happen to be in an enterprise that fails.

The challenge of organizational leadership is to design a business with a compelling vision and to align the organization to the company's vision through motivation. Leaders must have a constantly evolving vision and genuine sense of what the company can be. The CEO is responsible to design a viable business model, a business that can succeed.

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